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Introducing Sitemaps for your shiny new blog

Introducing Sitemaps for your shiny new blog

We autogenerate sitemaps for your blogs

How many times you have had to manually submit your blog posts to search engines to get them indexed? Forget those manual actions now. We have got a new sitemap that can take care of things for you.

What are sitemaps?

Sitemaps are usually xml files that list down all your websites pages with its url and also the last updated timestamp. Sitemaps are used by web admins to submit them to search engines so that the search engines can fetch them in regular intervals to find and crawl new pages. It will also help recently updated pages to be re-crawled from its timestamp. Sitemaps are very essential for all blogs since it helps to automate the discovery of the webpages.

Sitemaps for EleganceWorks Blog

We have introduced a feature that generates the sitemaps automatically and exposes them to the outside world using an url. All blogs created using our app contains sitemap by default. You can access them using the following url structure:


Lets say your blog resides at https://acme-blog.com, then your sitemap url would be https://acme-blog.com/sitemap.xml. For example, this current blog (that you are reading) is hosted by our own app and its corresponding sitemap can be found at https://updates.eleganceworks.com/sitemap.xml

We hope that this feature helps your blogs to stand out in search engines. If you have got any feedback, please reach out to us. We are always listening.